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I have worked with Marcia and Heather for a combined 8+ years.  They are very thorough in interviewing both the families and the candidates to make sure that they understand the needs of each to make the best “match”.  They also provide ongoing support and are available to help support both parties throughout the employment relationship.  I feel comfortable asking their advise to help navigate situations that sometimes arise.  I am a working single mother of two so having help I can rely on is essential, and Marcia and Heather have done a fantastic job helping me find the best people for the job!

~Courtney M.

Dear Marcia, Just wanted to send a more formal note of thanks for helping us this summer. My husband was so shocked that we were able to finish all the work we had to do at the house and manage to make the summer fun for the kids, and I am so grateful for your role in making that possible. Leigh had such a fun time with Leah, and it meant a lot to my husband that she was able to enjoy his childhood home so much before we have to sell it.

~Callie T.


Thanks Marcia. I really appreciate your assistance. You were very patient with me when I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I was looking for. I thought I knew, but ended up changing my mind. In the end, I got exactly what I needed. Tara was great tonight. I am very happy with my decision. My sweet little Ava developed an instant bond with her on the first day & she was so happy to see her return today. Tara “clicked” with the kids, which was what I was looking for. Take care & thanks again.

~Darla F.

Marcia, I cannot tell you how long I have searched for the perfect nanny for our family. I have worked with so many nanny agencies but you immediately understood who I was looking for and now I have the best nanny ever. Sharon is terrific and I my kids are not always so terrific. Sharon is patient, understanding, helpful, warm, loving and firm. This is the best Christmas gift ever, excluding the red bike when I was 7, I am happier than I have ever been. I am certain my husband is happier too~! Many thanks.

~Nicole M.

Wow, I wish all nanny services were this thorough in providing parents information. I’m sure this will put Maren at ease considering this is their first time using a professional service. Only downside is that you don’t run all the other companies we use around the country!

~James M. (Short term trip to Los Angeles, family needed a temp nanny at the hotel they were staying at)

After the arrival of our twin sons, my wife and I knew we would need assistance, but were unsure exactly how to find the right person. Marcia discussed with us what we wanted and worked tirelessly to help us find someone that fit our specific needs. She also served as a calm, reassuring voice during our first few weeks as parents. I can say my new gray hairs would be much more plentiful if not for the MC Nanny Agency’s guidance and dedication.

~ David V.

Hi Marcia,
Happy New Year to you too!!
We arrived home yesterday exhausted after a wonderful holiday in the States.  We had such a great time and really enjoyed spending some time together. As for Natalie, she was fantastic!  She was very energetic and seemed to really like our children.  Morgan was completely comfortable with her and was asking about her after she left!  I’m sure Anky also loved her although she slept through most of her time there.  I am happy to recommend her to other people who are needing help during their holidays.  I felt completely fine leaving my children with her. I would also like to thank you very much for your care and kindness in helping us out with Natalie.  Your company is fantastic and I have already passed your name onto our friends in the US.

I wish you and your family a great year of fun and happiness!!!

Thanks again,
~Angela G.
(Family visiting the U.S. briefly for a wedding, childcare was arranged while they were overseas so that when they arrived at their hotel they had a nanny ready to help them with their childcare needs.)

Hi Marcia,
You probably don’t realize it, but you gave me the best birthday  present I’ve gotten in a long time (bday is today). We are so happy with Ana, she transitioned into our lives so smoothly.  I already gave her key, dumped my kids on her, and she started on a week when we all got a stomach virus. I hope she is as happy with us as we are with her, she is definitely a keeper.
~Lisa R.

Marcia, I had worked with quite a few agencies and they had started to convince me that my needs were absurd and that I would never find the right fit. You really took the time to understand my needs and the type of nanny that I knew my family would appreciate and enjoy. It has worked out so well with our nanny that I cannot say thank you enough. I also can’t believe that I spent so long working with other agencies before I found you. You were absolutely incredible and you were correct at the end of that trial period with our nanny I was so certain that she was the right fit. There was no hesitation on my part what so ever to hire her and make our arrangements permanent. Your right that mommy instinct will guide you every time and I couldn’t be happier.
~ Larissa G.

I wish I had room for or I that I could use all of the nannies that you have sent me, they are all truly wonderful!
~Lynn P.

My wife and I had no idea what we were looking for in a nanny, we just knew we had to have some help and our parents are not nearby and we had no one to turn to. The MC Nanny Agency was so thorough when you reviewed our needs. You asked us about things that we could not even begin thinking about. Now that our little girl is walking I am so glad that you asked the questions that you did. We now have someone perfect who will be with us until our daughter goes to kindergarten. They are amazing together! You are super sweet as well and you really helped our family. Thank you.
~ David F.

Dear Marcia,
Thank you so much for our nanny! Jason and I couldn’t be more thrilled with her. We feel so lucky to have come across your agency. For a first-time mom of a preemie who had spent a lot of time in the hospital, I was extremely apprehensive about leaving my precious baby girl in the hands of a stranger while I went back to work. You were so helpful in calming my fears and finding the perfect nanny to fit with our family and our daughter’s needs. Every nanny you sentBaby us to interview was highly qualified and professional with excellent references and background checks. And your suggestions and advice were essential in helping us get through the interview/hiring process. Thanks again. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone and everyone looking for that perfect nanny to care for their most treasured family members.
~ Jennifer-Aiden’s Mom

“Marcia Campbell provides a unique service to busy parents who are looking for domestic help. Marcia takes time to understand your needs and works very hard to screen the best candidates and save you time. She is always available and accessible and truly makes you feel like a valued customer. I would recommend her agency to anyone looking for help.
~ Nancy


Marcia was the most professional agency/person that I have dealt with to date-I worked with almost 50+ agencies during my hunt and Marcia was by far the best one of all of them-There was even a point that she did not have anyone for me that met my criteria- however her follow-up was perfect and she really made me feel that she was always working in your best interest-Her fee was totally worth it! I highly endorse her agency and only regret that I will not be talking to her as much since we found our jewel- Good luck to everyone
~ Alyssa

Marcia was wonderful to work with and she sent me fantastic nannies to interview. I actually had a hard time deciding which one to hire because they were all so great. The fee is definitely worth it – they call all the references, do the background checks and they only sent me nannies that fit into the profile of what I was looking for. This is a small agency, started by Marcia after she had her daughter and decided she wanted to help fellow moms find wonderful nannies.
~ Dryden

I have been impressed by your services. It is far more professional than that of other agencies I have worked with.
~ Cynthia

Marcia you really have worked your butt off for us. I have worked with a lot of agencies and no one has had the follow through or the quality of nannies you have. You are amazing.
~ Kelly


Thanks so much for all your help and advice. Your agency was a life saver for us. After spending several weeks interviewing, calling references, and running background checks on various candidates that we had found through on-line nanny websites, we were exhausted and frustrated. We were starting to lose hope that we would ever find someone we could trust enough to leave alone with our baby. That is when we decided we needed help. We’re so glad we contacted your agency!! After talking to Amanda, she reassured us that even though it was pretty last minute (I was going back to work one week later!) I would have somebody experienced and trust-worthy to leave in charge of my most precious thing. That is in fact what happened. The three candidates the agency sent over were all great. I couldn’t believe that it was actually difficult to pick between the three! I found the perfect nanny and you cannot imagine how grateful and happy we are. No more sleep-less nights worrying about the safety of our kid. The only thing we regret is waiting as long as we did to call. We wish we hadn’t wasted all that time and money on expensive back-ground checks. Most of all, we regret all the stress and frustration that the whole doing-it-ourselves’ process caused us.

Thanks again. It’s great to know we can always call you to address our baby care needs!

You are the best!

~ The Duncan family- Tarzana CA


Hi Ms. Campbell,

I wanted to let you know that it all went really well and that Kassandra was wonderful with my kids. She is a lovely young lady that seems very mature for her young age. Thank you again for arranging everything long distance.


Hey Marcia

Thank you so much for sending us Kathleen Baggot. She is awesome, my 2 year old son loves her. He has tons of energy and Kathleen managed to keep up with him all day long, taking him to the library, museums, parks and the beach. I’d come home from work and he couldn’t wait to show me the new drawings and art projects that he made with “Kat- leen.” She is very enthusiastic and pro-active. We had just moved to LA and knew very little about what this town has for kids. Kathleen gave us lots of great ideas, and took pictures so we could see what he’d been up to. We will use her again! Also, this may seem like a minor point, but to working moms it’s important- Kathleen was on time every single day.




I’ve used the McNanny Agency, owned by Marcia Campbell, for our childcare needs for Scarlett. Marcia Campbell has been very responsive and great to work with – she’s helped me when my scheduling needs changed and been extremely professional when a nanny wasn’t the right fit for us (which you can only find out when they have been working with you for at least a day or two). The nannies are all closely screened and you have the opportunity to meet or speak with the well in advance of making your decision to retain them as your caregiver. I’m really impressed with how collaborative Marcia’s team is and in the high quality of care her nannies deliver. Scarlett is always happy and has a lot of fun with the two nannies we’ve used from Marcia’s agency.

~ J. Nilda