The MC Nanny Agency will take the guesswork out of the process of finding the best Nanny for your family. We can remove a lot of the worry about confirming a nanny’s qualifications and work history. We will work with you until you find just the right person that fits your needs and who is a great match with your family. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, as we stand by the placement of all of our qualified nannies.

All of our quality nannies have met the following minimum requirements:
• Minimum 2+ years of private home childcare experience OR a bachelor’s degree in a child-related area of study
• A high school diploma or GED
• Excellent verifiable employer and character references
• Dependable transportation to and from work
• Proper legal documentation
• National Criminal background check & Sexual Offenders Registry Check
• Driving record check
• We have sit down face to face interviews with each and every nanny or sitter

The salary for a Nanny typically ranges between $15 and $25+ per hour, depending on the years of experience, education, hours, and duties you may require. All salaries are paid directly to the employee and not to the Nanny Referral Agency. Generally, the employee and the family negotiate the salary; however, we are happy to advise you on any compensation matters. It is the family’s responsibility, once the nanny is employed, to take care of all payroll, benefits and tax matters.

How to begin:
Contact us via e-mail or phone and we will e-mail you our registration forms. We also have an on-line application for families. You can fill out the application on line and submit it directly to us. Once you are registered, we will begin sending you qualified applicants based on your family’s job description. We will contact the applicants directly and set-up interviews, at your convenience. We will also provide you with portfolios containing each potential nanny’s information, for your review.

We also provide all of our families with a Nanny/Family work agreement and interview questions to help you through the interview and selection process.

This application can be used by both Nanny’s and Babysitters seeking employment.

We are always seeking compassionate, skilled and loving Nannies, NBCS, Housekeepers, PA’s, Estate Managers and Babysitters. If interested, please contact us via e-mail or call 818.982.7688 to begin the application process.

The MC Nanny Agency