We take our commitment to families seriously and because of our commitment we strive to make access to quality care affordable. We have NO APPLICATION FEE, just give us a call in order to begin the process or you can click on & fill out the family application form at the bottom of the page (located in the green area) and we will contact you directly.


Salaries for nannies vary, are based on the skills you need and the services they provide. It is up to you, as the employer, to negotiate a rate directly with the nanny. You define the position and the salary range you would like to offer. A good range to estimate your costs would be between $15-$25 per hour.

We offer a onetime referral fee.

Full time or Part time placements:
The referral fee is a one time fee based on a 15% of the employee’s yearly gross salary for the first year ONLY. This is our most popular placement package servicing the needs for most full time, part time and live in domestic help placements.
Most searches will fall into this category

Temporary Placements:
Please contact us for our referral fee information we do place long term and short term temporary help.